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MX Records

MX, or Mail Exchange, records are required to be public for any domain you wish to receive email through. These records can still reveal sensitive information about an organization's hosting set-up and office software in use through further scanning (see Vulnerability Scanning). MX Records can reveal vulnerable mail servers or information about other services hosted internally. Unless other assessments reveals specific vulnerabilities in e-mail services used, there is no specific action to take. If an orgnization is self-hosting email, it may be advisable to suggest outsourcing that if funds permit. While self-hosted email provides more control and potentially security, managing the security of the server is a complex job. Other mail services can provide some level of protection by being a first-pass check for spam and viruses, and (slightly) reducing the visibility of an organizational mail server.

root@bt:~# host -t mx mail is handled by 21

Determine the IP address of the mail server:

root@bt:~# host has address

Online tools are also available to lookup MX records, for instance MX Toolbox