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SAFETAG License and Credits


SAFETAG is a trademark of Internews.

SAFETAG resources are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License

The audit framework and checklist may be used and shared for educational, non-commercial, not-for-profit purposes, with attribution to Internews. Users are free to modify and distribute content under conditions listed in the license.

The audit framework and checklist is intended as reference and the authors take no responsibility for the safety and security of persons using them in a personal or professional capacity.

If you have further questions related to licensing PLEASE create an issue about it on GitHub. We are excited to discuss how we can best support those who wish to use SAFETAG and best attribute those whose content we adapted or redistributed through SAFETAG.

Usage of "SAFETAG"

SAFETAG is itself a framework and template for organizational audits. As such, audits performed which use or adapt SAFETAG materials may be referred to as "adapting the SAFETAG methodology" or "based on the SAFETAG framework", and similar phrasings, but may NOT be called "SAFETAG audits".

This is not intended to imply that an audit using any or all of the SAFETAG materials need to refer to SAFETAG at all.

This usage policy does not affect the distribution of SAFETAG materials, covered in the license statement above.

Credits and Attribution for content from other Licenses

See SAFETAG Contributors for information on who has contributed content to SAFETAG. Due to a main branch change in August 2021 GitHub does not display contributors to the previous main branch. We thank the following contributors who worked on the project before that date:

  • Seamus Tuohy
  • Jon Camfield
  • Ricardo Lafuente
  • Neil Blazevic
  • Hackatom
  • kakron
  • floriana
  • Lane Goodman
  • Dlshad Othman
  • Björn Weghenkel
  • AlWalid
  • Hackatom
  • Michael Carbone
  • Vitor George
  • megdeb
  • Carlos Guerra
  • Rogelio
  • kanjoli
  • Hanna Kreitem
  • Jun Matsushita
  • Mishari Muqbil
  • Lu
  • Marc Farra
  • Maya Richman
  • Porter Darby
  • globalashm
  • maysara

We also recognize contributions from other projects made available under other Open Source Licenses: