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Re-designing SAFETAG: Developing a Brand

We are currently looking for a designer to help us develop a new, updated brand for our SAFETAG methodology. SAFETAG is an auditing framework, created to work with small-scale media houses and civil society organizations who have digital security concerns by identifying the risks they face and providing capacity-aware, pragmatic next steps to address them. Ultimately, SAFETAG was created to make these small organizations stronger and more resilient to the threats they are up against.

We are in the process of developing a new interface for the SAFETAG framework, which will be interactive and easier for users (both new and experienced) to navigate. The interface will allow users to create their own playlists comprised of the SAFETAG activities they will be using during an audit. In advance of the launch of this new interface, we are hoping to bring a fresh new face to the SAFETAG methodology, including a new logo. The new brand and imaging will be used across the website, interface, and all other SAFETAG documentation. Our goal is to establish a relevant brand that is both informative and accessible for all who engage with the SAFETAG framework.

We expect this design process to take a total of 4-6 weeks, including time for interviews with our more experienced SAFETAG partners and the Internews team. See below for an expected timeline and outputs.

Organizations, companies, or individuals are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Please apply using this form if this is an opportunity you are interested in.

Expected Timeline (may be adjusted)

  • Weeks 1-2: Review of SAFETAG framework, including interviews with 4-6 key community leads. Internews will organize at least two community calls for partners or community leads to provide insight and feedback.
  • Weeks 2-3: Present 3-5 concepts with explanation describing how community feedback was used to inform the design process.
  • Weeks 3-4: Refine and finalize selected concept.
  • Weeks 4-6: Implement the concept in the below outputs.

Requested Outputs

  • Visual identity / brand development for the SAFETAG framework
  • Logo for SAFETAG, with the following alternative appearances:
    • Square for website favicons / "user" icons
    • Black/White only
    • Reversed-out versions for dark and light backgrounds
  • Style guide that can be used for both print documents and websites, to include:
  • Text/visual element styling (headers, buttons in active/inactive states, call-out textboxes, unordered bulleted list items, checklists, hyperlink formatting, footnote/reference formatting)
  • Specific visual iconography to support SAFETAG's content and structure (e.g. different icons for technical, research, and interactive elements of the framework which align with the overall branding, see our "TRI" approach for background)
  • All inputs and outputs should be compatible with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license