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This component consists of an out-brief to key points of contact, providing basic pressure relief through group and individual interactions, and planning future follow-up with the host and key individuals.


SAFETAG is an auditing framework designed to connect small civil society organizations and independent media outlets to the digital security services they need. But, more than that it is designed to provide audits that increase an organization's agency to seek out and address security challenges independently. This can be an auditor's last in-person chance to engage with the staff to shape their perspective of the audit.

The debrief allows the auditor to ensure that they leave the host and its staff ready to start addressing their digital security. By providing some immediate outcomes to the host and its staff, initial psycho-social care and re-framing as needed, and in combination with training or security consultation in the Responsive Support section, the auditor can ensure that the host sees the audit as a guide instead of a condemnation.

Guiding Questions

    • Is the organization empowered to make changes?
    • Do key personnel have a general understanding of the initial findings?
    • Does the organization understand the next steps of the audit process?


    • Discuss next steps and main points of contact going forward for the host.
    • Agreed upon secure communications mechanism.
    • A date scheduled for sending in the report.
    • Additional points of contact (with identified secure communications channels) if needed.
    • Initiate follow-up with host (organizational and individual).


    References and resources for Debrief