SAFETAG Community Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

The mission of the SAFETAG community is to improve the security of civil society organizations around the world.

What we do: The community collaborates actively to share knowledge, build capacity, and create resources, while promoting transparency and accountability amongst its members, as well as with other communities of practice.

Community Standards

The SAFETAG Community of Practice (SCoP) exists in both public and private groups, currently including a public Slack channel, the Internet Freedom Festival Mattermost, and the listserv.

  • Community members are encouraged to be active - positively contributing / leading discussions on community channels, creating, curating, or peer-reviewing content or contributing to the issue queue.
  • Some SCoP members may have privacy concerns, and should join the community using a pseudonym they are comfortable with engaging online in both public and private spaces with.
  • Joining the community: An invitation link for joining the SAFETAG Slack can be obtained by emailing on info at safetag dot org; for joining the Internet Freedom Mattermost can be found at
  • The SCoP is responsible for adhering to the SAFETAG Code of Conduct, below

SAFETAG Code of Conduct

Members of the SAFETAG community are expected to:

  • Respect the auditees, their contexts (including the legal framework they operate within), and protect their privacy and security
  • Protect the identifying information and audit findings of your auditees, unless you have full, informed consent of the auditee -- and even then, exercise extreme care.
  • Never use your knowledge, skills and/or access to do harm against organizations or communities you are working with or your peer auditors through malice or neglect.
  • Minimize any conflict of interests through transparency in your contracting, reporting, and recommendations; e.g. if you were not hired initially to implement recommendations, suggest options other than yourself for implementation, and provide reporting that would enable that to be a success in every case.
  • Perform your job responsibly and well. Ask and consult with fellow members of the community.
  • Respect other members of the community as peers and promote a safe, inclusive, and harassment-free environment.

Code of Conduct Violations

Serious or repeated violations of the Code of Conduct may lead to removal from one or all community platforms.

To report a violation, please reach out privately to an administrative user of the relevant platform or email info at


For SAFETAG content related questions, please file an issue: You can email the SAFETAG Coordinators at info at