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WPS PIN Cracking


WPS was built as an addition to WPA to make it easier to add devices without typing in secure passwords, but this ease of use means that a malicious actor can pose as a device and effectively reduce the potentially very difficult passwords WPA allows down to a simple numeric-only 8 character PIN. Further, the WPS system allows an attacker to work on this PIN in two parallel chunks, further reducing its security. This, like WEP, is a "live" attack - you have to stay connected to the network - but also like WEP, it is a guaranteed attack; your brute forcing of the WPS system will eventually (2-10 hours) allow you network access.

Walk Through

    • Find the BSSID of the target routerr
    • Use Wash to find WPS Routers
    • Start Reaver : estimated time: Between 2 and 10 hours


    WPS Pin entry should be disabled on the wireless router, or only enabled temporarily to add new devices to the network.