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Follow-up Meeting


Schedule and have a follow up call to discuss the audit report. This provides a valuable touch-point for the organization to read the report and ask any clarifying questions to the auditor, as well as for the auditor to underscore any important steps for the organization.


    • A secure, real-time VOIP system is recommended for this call, as many of the highly sensitive audit findings are likely to be discussed in detail. Skype may suffice in some regions, but also consider secure call options (

Walk Through

    Each organization, and often even each key point of contact within the organization, will want to explore the report in different ways. Adapt to the needs of the organization, but make sure you cover the top-priority recommendations that the organization needs to consider in the immediate future.

    Ask the organization to fill out Staff Feedback Surveys.

    Ask if they need any specific resources or introductions not included in the report.

    At the end of the call, schedule a second follow-up call to check in on their progress.